On Love & Chicken

Serious time folks. Recently I took a big step towards moving on. Moving on is a big deal, change is a difficult concept for many people. Change disrupts our homeostasis. Change means variation, and most humans don’t like things to be different than what they are used to. I myself have been forced to move on twice in my life. The first time was hard because I was really attached and there was so much baggage, also I was forced away from something I truly cared about with all my heart. The second time was even harder, harder because I had just gotten over the first one, I had just opened my heart to something new, and it was taken away from me without any explanation or warning. I was in a bad way, I sometimes feel like I am not meant to be happy or that I am destined to never have what I want in life. Tonight though, I took a big step towards happiness. Tonight I had dinner with someone new, someone exciting and fresh. It was great, a breath of fresh air. Tonight, my friends, I ate a Chicken Milano from Quizno’s. We aren’t perfect for each other yet, a few things we need to work on, both have baggage, but a step is a step. Now don’t get me wrong, my first two loves were amazing, and I will always hold them in my heart, we went through a lot of things together. Milano and I are just starting off, it’s puppy love right now, but it is nice. When I first met Mesquite Chicken I was hooked, I worshiped the Mesquite, we were together for a long time, but we had a falling out and I needed to move on. We had a lot of differences, she had baggage like red onions and tomatoes, but she also had great great bacon and that yummy Ranch dressing which I was addicted to. It was very very hard, I thought for awhile I would never eat another toasted sub like her again. It was then, when I was at my lowest, that along came Chicken Carbonara. Carbonara changed my life for the better in so many ways. Carbonara was the greatest sub I had ever had. It was everything that Mesquite never could be, and everything I wanted and more. I messed up a lot with Carbonara, wrong fixins, you know: mushrooms, or tomatoes, too much lettuce, all of that. Carbonara had those sexy creamy bacon alfredo sauces that I noticed right away when I saw her with a friend of mine. As soon as I saw her, I developed a craving, you could call it a crush. She also had that bacon and a great mozzarella which I have wanted my entire life. I tried hard, but I kept messing up the order a lot. We had some awesome times, but it seems we weren’t meant to be, I think. Carbonara was taken from me. Heartache occured, moments of anger and complete confusion followed, but I never gave up, I wrote letters to Quizno’s headquarters, called everyone number I could, but all without any progress. I had lost something great so early in the relationship. Time passed, and still passes. I am not saying there aren’t ever any moments where I think “Mesquite was great” or “I really really miss Carbonara, so much” but I know that moving on is best for everyone. It is hard, every once and awhile I see their signs up at Quizno’s, and I get indecisive and depressed, but I know things will work out. I really miss Carbonara, me and her never had a chance to be what we could be I think, I messed up and then BAM she was gone. I hope one day soon we can meet up again and have lunch sometime, but you never know, it’s up to Carbonara not me which direction we head. Right now though, Milano and myself have a lot to work on, for one I don’t really like tomatoes all that much. But, as you know, every relationship has their tomatoes or mushrooms, you just have to find ways around them. Tonight was great, I am fulfilled in many ways. I want Mesquite and Carbonara to know how much they meant to me, they made me who I am today. I will always love them, but I know I can live my life without them. Thanks for the dinner Quizno’s.